Hi 👋

My name is Elena Verna, and I’m a Growth Hobbyist.

One day I was all young and cool, and then I began an obsession with B2B PLG 🤯😂.

Follow me if you want to learn how to create predictable, sustainable, and competitively defensible growth systems for B2B. Spoiler alert, I heavily prefer the Product-led growth (PLG) framework.

I’m a solopreneur (founded in 2019). I spend my time creating courses, advising companies, taking the occasional interim gig, and angel investing. I’ve helped companies like SurveyMonkey, Miro, Amplitude, MongoDB, Veed.io, Netlify, Clockwise, and many more.

Oh, and I’m an avid Reforge lover and program creator. #Reforge4Life.

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Anything and everything about Growth. B2B base flavor with PLG sprinkles. Occasional extra satire topping.


Elena Verna

Growth Hobbyist in an ongoing search for the next framework or meme.