It's a constant fight against minimizing onboarding. Somewhere, the cult of "low-friction" took hold and they let new users fall on their face without support. Love that more people are pushing that onboarding actually is good. It's about momentum and quality of progress.

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Great post Elena. Few things that I'd like to add:

1. Stick to the rule of 3 and ask three questions in 3 screens instead of 5-7 screens.

2. Ask for the tools that the user currently uses. In case they need to integrate the tool with your product in the activation profiling questions.

3. Today you can safely assume that there is no green field opportunity, this means that your target user is using an alternative product. Your product is going to help them do something better or faster. So it might serve you well if you can get an estimate of how much they are using this alternative product/method. For example, the number of records (range) in their CRM.

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Great article. How do you handle allowing a free trial user to join an existing company? Do you show that free trial user that their email domain matches an existing company?

Any ideas on how to show that your product solves the user's problem if the problem is something so ambiguous like "needing to improve company culture"?

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