Wondering how often people lie about their actual role on these onboarding forms. I used to have Product Owner in my title on linkedin for a short while and I had to remove it as the number of cold outreach from companies doubled and just did not want to deal with it. While trying out new tools, usually I am not giving my real role.

Now working on my own SaaS onboarding strategy and need some trial and error to figure what works best for our audience.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this post!

It is really amazing what Notion has built in relatively short time. I really love that app!

And as an advertiser, I can agree that 3rd party data platforms usually aren't that great. Especially when it comes to estimating size and revenue.

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of 3rd party data for <1000 employees isn't accurate 70%! That's 🥜

Next time could you please include one of your clever memes?

I can definitely see one fitting here about reinventing the wheel 😎

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Agree with all except perhaps the Slack example, because of the nature of the product. If Slack has a 80% acceptance rate, my hypothesis is it has to do with the the invitee being invited by someone known (eg: IT admin at their workplace) or wanting to join a group discussing a topic of interest, and not so much how well the invite is designed/structured.

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